Commercial Services

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Video and integrated security systems can be deployed for a variety of purposes.  Indoor/outdoor camera systems dramatically improvement premise protection and safety.  Driveway and other entry detection systems will alert you of site access at any time of the day.  All FortiFi security systems feature both on-site and remote monitoring/control over the Internet using the latest in mobile phone and tablet technology.

Automation Systems

While each of our solution offerings are valuable as a standalone system, operation of multiple systems quickly increases the complexity of use.  The addition of an over-arching automation system presents a unified interface to create unmatched elegance and simplicity.  All FortiFi systems are designed, installed and maintained with this architecture in mind to ensure optimal operation and graceful integration of future technologies.

Energy Management

Look beyond lighting to our broader set of energy saving and management features.  Automated window shades and thermostats provide both improved energy cost management and enhanced ambiance to your business setting.  FortiFi-engineered solutions help create sustainable, intelligent environments that reduce the cost of doing business.  FortiFi helps you curb your monthly bills while also easing your eco-conscience!


From enhanced productivity for your employees, to creating just the perfect audio/video customer experience, FortiFi offers many powerful solutions in this key business area.  High-def TV and projection systems can be deployed in a variety of settings:  lobbies and seating areas, work and conference rooms, showrooms, to name just a few.  An easy-to-use background music system equipped with the latest streaming music varieties will help deliver the message and atmosphere intended for your customers and employees.  We can be very creative, we look forward to working with you!


The need for efficient business communication has never been greater.  Fortunately electronic system solutions offering tremendous features continue to grow.  FortiFi offers a rich platform for digital signs (flat-panel HDTVs programmed with your personalized content) which we deploy in a large variety of settings:  lunch/break rooms, storefront windows and many more!  We also offer versatile, full-featured wired/wireless small business telephone and paging systems.  Need improved in-building cellular communication?  FortiFi has a solution for that as well.

Lighting Controlautomated-lighting-control-kp1

If you’re looking for a multi-faceted technology feature in your business, here’s a bright idea!  Lighting control offers energy savings, convenience and safety; all at the same time.  Consider the value of automated artificial and natural (window shade) lighting control based on motion, time of day and sunrise/sunset.  Customers look to FortiFi for solutions in all commercial settings.

Connected Office

In today’s modern business setting you can’t afford to live with unreliable network, telephone or intercom operation due to old wiring or bad connections.  The staff at FortiFi are pros at troubleshooting and repair, as well as finding ways to install new concealed cabling.  We also know when a wireless solution is appropriate.  As with any need related to wiring, it’s best to include us as part of the design team during construction or renovation, but we’re happy to jump in at any point!


Network technology plays a major role in a business’ day-to-day activities, so you need to be sure to have a responsive partner.  You can rely on FortiFi to deploy and maintain a quality, high-speed and reliable network that delivers the services you need.  Since many of our other services are Internet-connected we’ll monitor performance and operation in those areas as well.  If you already have a dedicated or contracted IT staff that’s great, we’re happy to work collaboratively with them to ensure your network and all connected services keep humming along.