As a technology company we’re in the business of helping clients experience the latest in conveniences, entertainment and security. And to that end we represent a very broad range of services and solutions that sometimes even our long term customers don’t know about. It’s understandable since the breadth of our service is constantly evolving, but in the end my best guidance is to suggest “when any existing or new technology issue arises ask if it seems to make sense to involve FortiFi”. If the answer to that question is even “possibly”, then contact us, we’re glad to help in any way that helps you stay on the best path to solving your home and business problems through technology.

As part of our effort to communicate to our valued customers, today we’re happy to announce the release of our updated website! ( Our hope is that you find the new site more responsive, interactive and simply more helpful to follow our complete service offering and projects. The enhanced Project Gallery has been completely restructured and filled with additional project photos. We are working hard to revisit some past project work for photo opps capturing the beautiful interior design that isn’t always in place initially. We hope the gallery will also inspire and spark your own creative ideas!

Parallel work is in progress as well on Facebook, Houzz and LinkedIn, so please check those out as well. “Like”, “Follow” and “Connect” with us to keep up to date!

Thank you for your business, we really appreciate it! Happy surfing through our updated social media, we hope we hit one or more that you use regularly. if you have any feedback (good or bad!) we’d love to hear from you.