Residential Services

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Home Theater

Enjoy the cinema experience in the privacy and convenience of your own home.  Whether your vision is a multi-purpose Media Room or a themed Home Theater, we’ll dream with you to design and install sight and sound that draws you into a movie like never before!  The ultimate in HD projection, surround sound and custom theater seating are all available at FortiFi!

Automation Systems

While each of our solution offerings are valuable as a standalone system, operation of multiple systems quickly increases the complexity of use.  The addition of an over-arching automation system presents a unified interface to create unmatched elegance and simplicity.  All FortiFi systems are designed, installed and maintained with this architecture in mind to ensure optimal operation and graceful integration of future technologies.

Lighting Control

If you’re looking for a multi-faceted technology feature in your home, here’s a bright idea!  Lighting control offers energy savings, convenience and safety; all at the same time.  Consider the value of automated artificial and natural (window shade) lighting control based on motion, time of day and sunrise/sunset.  Customers look to FortiFi for solutions in all residential settings.

Connected Home

Customers often say “everything is wireless these days, correct”?  More wireless options exist than ever before, but proper design should only use these solutions when hard-wiring is not possible.  For optimal performance, reliability, and security, the best approach remains high-speed, high-quality cabling.  Installation is always preferred during renovation or new construction, but the staff at FortiFi are pros in finding ways to run new cabling without holes and need for drywall repair!

Energy Managementicon_energy

Look beyond lighting to our broader set of energy saving and management features.  Homeowners can program and monitor “connected” refrigerators, freezers, ovens, wine storage units (the list continues to grow) to maximize energy efficiency and optimize operation to their own unique circumstances.  Receive text messages upon defined events (door open/close, humidity or temperature outside desired ranges, etc).  FortiFi helps you curb your monthly bills while also easing your eco-conscience!


Single and multi-room audio/video bring your home to life!  We carefully plan equipment, connections and how your system will ultimately be controlled by you and your family each day.  From small Media Room solutions to the largest distributed whole-home systems, satisfied customers look to FortiFi for easy-to-use, reliable systems employing the latest in HDTV and streaming media technology.


Video and integrated security systems can be deployed for a variety of purposes.  FortiFi door chime and intercom solutions give you the ability to communicate with visitors whether you are home or away.  Indoor/outdoor camera systems provide similar peace-of-mind by allowing you to monitor activity at home from anywhere.  Control4 integration with your alarm system will provide the automation and ease of use you desire.  All FortiFi security systems feature both on-site and remote monitoring/control over the Internet using the latest in mobile phone and tablet technology.



A robust, high-speed network provides the backbone for the modern connected home.  A FortiFi-engineered network will ensure you have reliable access to your local and Internet-based services.  With the ever increasing popularity of streaming music and movie services, along with the requirements for high-quality wireless operation for mobile devices, the value of a well-designed network has never been higher.