It’s been said we live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, yet hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology!  At first glance this may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually a reflection on how successfully the complexities of the modern car, computer, Internet, etc. can be hidden “under the hood” from the everyday user…  and for the most part (except for the occasional hiccups) leave us to simply enjoy the benefits and the experience.

When it comes to digital entertainment and conveniences, it’s easy to get lost “under the hood” as well…  Spotify, Roku, Ultraviolet, Zigbee, Apple TV, Vudu, Ultra HD / 4K to name just a few!

But as with driving a car, we know your goal is not necessarily to understand the last detail of every service and feature available, but rather to be able to enjoy movies, songs and time savers in an easy, fun and entertaining way that fits you best.

FortiFi offers a rich set of solutions to do just that!  Our most popular systems allow you to:

View your personal movie collection on multiple TVs throughout your home
Listen to high-fidelity wireless multi-room music
Adjust several rooms of lighting at the touch of a button
Operate your system with a single remote control, iPad or  laptop

As always, our solutions start with your needs.  We’ll listen and then let you know what options might work for you.  Give us a call anytime to get started!