It sure would be great if we …

Spring is in the air!   And with this comes renewed energy for both outdoor and indoor (spring cleaning!) projects and planning.  FortiFi’s audio/video, convenience and security systems are often an important part of those improvements…  here’s just a sampling:

  • Outdoor Patios – round out the enjoyment with an easy-to-use music system!  FortiFi offers a variety of speakers to match your needs for styling and placement.  Wireless streaming for Pandora and control from your iPad?  No problem.
  • Family or Home Theater Rooms – electronics systems can become “buggy” and difficult to use over time without a bit of  periodic maintenance.  It happens, and FortiFi can get you back on track with fixes and upgrades that bring back the fun and convenience!
  • Video Cameras – have you thought at times it’d be nice to be able to see what’s going on at home?  Indoors and out, we have solutions that allow you to monitor important areas…  all from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Multi-Room Music  – many new customers come to us with outdated multi-room music systems.  There is great value in a home’s embedded speakers and cabling, all that is needed is an upgrade to the latest entertainment sources and control equipment.  Need music in a new room?  FortiFi offers awesome wireless solutions as well!
  • Lighting Control – our modular, wireless systems create safety, security and convenience.  Place important lights on a daily or vacation schedule, eliminate the need to walk into a dark home at night, enjoy the convenience of one-button-press control of many lights, etc.
  • Remote Access – any of your home systems can now be controlled from anywhere!  In addition to the above, adjust your thermostats, door locks and security system from a single point of control.

Here’s How… Click to Watch the Home Control Video

As always, our solutions start with your needs.  We’ll listen and then let you know what options might work for you.  Give us a call anytime to get started!